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EPDM Rubber Surfaces is manufactured from natural rubber mixed with synthetic rubber and polyurethane. It has no toxicity or danger. It has a long shelf life.


  • This soft rubber flooring can create beautiful works, It covers all customized patterns, symbols, or letters as needed.
  • This flexible rubber floor is strong and bears pressure and impact well. It can reduce the rate  of slipping and injury. It secures areas safely above normal ground.
  • This durable rubber flooring resists extreme weather conditions, heat, fire, and UV rays. It is  suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • This rubber flooring has a wide range of colors and customization.
  • This rubber flooring is seamless and easy to install. It is suitable as playground flooring, health garden flooring, fitness center, garden, park, indoor and outdoor rubber running tracks, amusement park, walkway, and swimming pool area.
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