Natural rubber tile


Granite M1-03 COSMOS

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Natural rubber tile is made by high-quality natural rubber from Thai farmers. It is non-toxic and harmless. It is a natural material that is tough, durable, and highly resilient. It has a long shelf life which makes it different from ordinary tiles in daily life.


  • Tough and flexible which withstands extreme weather conditions, heat and fire and does not shrink or expand with excellent anti-slip.
  • Absorbs noise or footsteps from traffic and provides a soft touch while walking.
  • High impact, cracking or scratching resistance.
  • Colorful detailed patterns.
  • It does not collect dust and dirt because of its high-density surface. It is seamless and
    germ-free. It is popular flooring in hospitals, schools, offices, event areas, gyms, and shopping malls.

TypeModelPatternSize (mm.)Total thickness (mm.)
Natura rubberHAMMERTONE-GRANITEGranite610 x 6103
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